WID San Diego Announces 2015 Women In Defense Endowed Scholarship Recipients

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The San Diego chapter of Women In Defense (WID) has announced the recipients of the annual Women In Defense Endowed Scholarship. In partnership with San Diego State University, the scholarship was created to support deserving students who have demonstrated leadership and academic excellence while pursuing a career in the applied sciences.

Falon Manns, a senior studying mechanical engineering, and Cassandra Kleitsch, a freshman studying aerospace engineering, have each received a $1,000 scholarship toward their education.

“This scholarship is invaluable to me. As a student paying my own way through college, this gracious gift of your confidence in me truly makes a difference in my life,” said Manns.

The endowment fund is now valued at $50,000. WID San Diego has successfully awarded a total of $27,000 in scholarships to eight recipients since 2010, with single award amounts up to $5,000.

“We are proud to support the advancement of women interested in careers in defense and national security. These women are the future and I’m very excited to see what they will contribute,” said Lisa Hunter, WID San Diego President.

Manns plans to follow her dream of working on both military and commercial plane engines while Kleitsch will continue on a path to contribute her knowledge to defense technology.

“Defense technology is something I have had an interest in for an extended period of time. The complexity behind the subject is astounding, from its machinery and development, to the politics and international significance behind it,” said Kleitsch.

Open enrollment for the scholarship typically begins in August and closes in October. Selection takes place in November and the scholarships are awarded in December.

To learn more about WID San Diego scholarship opportunities, criteria and application process, please contact scholarship@widsandiego.org.