Scholarships at WID San Diego.

WID San Diego is proud to support two scholarship programs for eligible women working toward careers in defense and national security.

WID San Diego donates annually to HORIZONS, WID National’s flagship scholarship program. Through this scholarship, WID encourages women to pursue careers related to national security and defense. The scholarship provides financial assistance to women who are either currently employed or planning careers in defense or national security areas. Learn more about HORIZONS at

San Diego Chapter of Women in Defense Endowed Scholarship
The San Diego Chapter of Women In Defense Endowed Scholarship was established in 2009 to promote and support deserving students who have demonstrated leadership and academic excellence while pursuing a career in applied sciences.

Today, our endowment fund is valued at $58,000. Since 2010, we have awarded $39,075 in scholarships to thirteen (13) recipients, with single awards amounts up to $5,000. Through volunteer efforts of WID San Diego leaders and members, as well as generous donations from our community, we have been able to support the advancement of women interested in careers in defense and national security.

Application and Eligibility Criteria
Scholarships are open to San Diego State University (SDSU) College of Engineering students who meet the following criteria:

  • Must be enrolled full time; all class levels are eligible
  • Must have a minimum overall cumulative GPA of 3.00 out of 4.00, or the arithmetic equivalent
  • Must be a United States citizen
  • Applicants must submit a 500-word essay detailing:
    • Past activities or completed classes that relate to the Women In Defense mission
    • Pursuit of degrees and/or current activities that are consistent with the mission and goals of Women In Defense
    • Future plans to serve our country and/or contribute to technology advancement

This is a renewable scholarship; prior recipients are required to reapply for consideration and must meet all selection criteria to be eligible.

Selection Process
The WID San Diego Scholarship Committee works closely with SDSU and the Campanile Foundation, SDSU’s non-profit 503(c)(3) organization, to ensure proper administration of the endowment, in accordance with California state laws.

The scholarship application is advertised in the SDSU scholarship site. Open enrollment typically begins in August and closes in October. Selection takes place in November and we award scholarships in December.

Past Recipients


Leah Hails ($2,075)

Major: Anthropology


Connor Fenwick ($2,000)

Major: Civil Engineering

Daria Dragicevic ($2,000)

Major: Computer Engineering


Leah Hails ($3,000)

Major: Anthropology

Angela Mudge ($3,000)

Major:  Mechanical Engineering


Cassandra Kleitsch ($1,000)
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Falon Manns ($1,000)
Major: Mechanical Engineering


Taryn Voller ($5,000)
Aerospace Engineering


Ana Moreno ($5,000)
Aerospace Engineering


Renee Tidmore ($5,000)
Major: Mechanical Engineering


Renee Tidmore ($2,500)
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Brianna Landon ($2,500)
Electrical Engineering


Kuba Wasowski ($5,000)
Homeland Security

Recipient Testimonials
“In these modern times, safety is an often times forgotten luxury, yet the people who work in this career have some of the most significant jobs in the world. Without these heroes, the enterprise and leisure Americans take part in would not exist. Liberty would not exist. It is for these reasons that I will one day contribute to the vast landscape of defense technology. I owe it to my nation to help maintain its prosperity with all the knowledge I can offer.”
Cassandra Kleitsch, 2015 Women In Defense Endowed Scholarship Recipient, Aerospace Engineering student at SDSU
“Upon graduation, I plan to pursue employment at an aviation company to pursue my dream to work on plane engines. After achieving this goal and working full time with a company, I plan to seek an opportunity to further my education with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.”
Falon Manns, 2015 Women In Defense Endowed Scholarship Recipient, Mechanical Engineering student at SDSU

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