Meet Our Leaders at WID San Diego.

Our board of directors is dedicated to WID San Diego’s key tenets – serve our members, focus on our mission, and prepare for the future by building a vibrant, sustainable chapter.

Melany Fryer
PMW 120 PSS (NS48) Program Manager, Booz Allen Hamilton
Melany Fryer has over 20 years experience in the defense industry, and is a Booz Allen Senior Associate.

She is an Air Force veteran where she served as a Serbian/Croatian Linguist, she was also a DIA Intelligence Analyst where she traveled the world as a Collection Management and ISR subject matter expert.

Melany brings her rich experience in the Intelligence Community to the Battlespace Awareness and Information Operations Program Office (PMW 120) at PEO C4I in San Diego. She is the program manager of the Booz Allen contracts supporting PMW 120 where she leads over 80 personnel in the delivery of acquisition management, program management, installation management, contracts management, business management, and cybersecurity.

In her spare time, Melany enjoys spending time with her large family and friends – sharing stories, laughter and travel.

Alicia Roedell
Vice President
Director of Operations – Naval Information Warfare Systems Command

Alicia Roedell is the Director of Operations within the Acquisition and Program Management Competency at NAVWAR. She drives business operations and strategic communications for the competency and oversees the production of The NAVWAR List—the Navy’s authoritative list of programs and projects.

Prior to her civilian work, she was a contractor with Highbury Defense Group and MBC as providing program management and business financial management support.

Before entering the defense industry, Alicia was a regional staffing manager that oversaw the workforce and strategic planning within the retail space.

In her free time, you can find Alicia exploring the outdoors or at the gym.

Kelley Svoboda
CEO, Artemis Consulting
Kelley Svoboda is the founder and CEO of Artemis Consulting and has over 20 years’ experience in the defense industry supporting the Navy. Over the years she has delivered program management and financial management support to customers across the NAVWAR, PEO C4I and NIWC enterprises.

Kelley currently helps lead the PEO C4I Small Business Financial Management Support Services contract delivery that provides critical financial planning and management efforts across six PMWs. In her role as CEO, she is passionate about people development, leadership, and engagement efforts within the organization.

Kelley loves family movie nights, taking neighborhood walks, hanging out with friends, and can be found nearly every weekend running around San Diego county to ice arenas, soccer fields, and baseball fields cheering on her two boys.

Phoebe Pickard
Facility Security Officer (FSO), Highbury Defense Group
Phoebe Pickard currently serves as Highbury Defense Group’s facility security officer. In addition, she supports PEO C4I PMW 150 as a project analyst to the NILE Project where she manages international meeting planning and assisting project management efforts.

Phoebe is an integral part of her organization’s team where she fosters a collaborative work environment while being an advocate for those around her. Her innate ability to see others needs allows her to bring their voices to the table.

Phoebe is a proficient traveler, dedicated dog mom and the occasional hiker.

Michelle Tapia
Events Planning
Account Manager, U.S. Navy, Cisco

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Ania Kaminska
Corporate Sponsor Coordinator
President & CEO, Worksters, Inc.  
Ania Kaminska has over 11 years of experience providing IT solutions to government organizations. She is well versed in IT product sourcing, software licensing management, business development, and federal government contracting.
Ania has worked with a multitude of different government agencies of all sizes as both a professional consultant and complete solutions provider.

Ania started off her life in Poland, and after attaining her accounting degree from Cal State University Northridge she decided to plant her roots in California. She spent 5 years in Silicon Valley working with some of the largest tech companies in the world before deciding to move to San Diego to be closer to more federal agencies. Since then, she has been a top performer in helping clients meet their needs as she branched out to begin her own venture.

Ania maintains an active Secret Clearance. Her passions are IT solutions ranging from cyber security, data analytics, and implementation of key systems.

In her free time, you can find Ania at the golf course.

Chalena Jimenez
Membership Coordinator
Program Manager, G2 Software Systems
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Carmen Skipworth
NDIA Liason
Director – West Coast, PL Systems, LLC
Carmen Skipworth joined WID in 2017 as a WID Board Member, and has served three terms since.

In her spare time, you can catch Carmen sailing, traveling, going to concerts, practicing pilates, sipping wine, taking hikes, exploring art, visiting with her friends or reading a good book.

Emilie Vicchio
Marketing Director
Director, Marketing, Brand & Communications, Client Solution Architects
Emilie Vicchio is a communication and brand professional with more than 15 years experience growing and nurturing brands and corporate cultures. For the past 12 years, she has worked in the federal space providing strategic guidance on culture, tech improvements and creative enhancements, as well as aiding in the growth of Client Solution Architects.

Prior to entering the defense industry, Emilie worked with Major League Baseball organizations leading the operations for fan-engagement programs and managing events for major brands in the automotive, CPG and telecomm industries.

Emilie holds an MS in Strategic Brand Communication from the University of Illinois and an MBA, a BS in Marketing and a BA in Visual Design from Alfred University. She is Change Management certified from Cornell University and is a Shipley certified business development professional.

Emilie has a passion for sports, and if she’s not enjoying time with her family you can find her on the soccer pitch or yelling fore at the links.

Randall Cobb
Scholarship Coordinator

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